Takeout Menu

This is our menu for delivery on Friday November 28th. Earlier Delivery may be available on Wednesday the 26th

Send all orders to epicbites@gmail.com

Minimum Order $150.
Delivery Fee is $50 per delivery location. If one person wants serve as a pick-up spot for a few people, there is only one charge. Free delivery with orders over $500.
Orders Due November 24th. Items will sell out so… DO NOT WAIT UNTIL LAST MINUTE
Pretzel Crusted Chicken Schnitzel – $21/lb

Aged Whole Roasted Bone In Grow and behold Prime Rib with Red Wine Onion Jam and Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes- (aprox 13-16lbs)- 525$

Slow Roasted Grow and Behold Pastured Beef Brisket  – $35/lb

Spicy Orange Glazed Bone In Pastured Turkey Wing Tips- 12$pp  Like Chicken Wings, but Cooked Slowly then Pan Crisped and Glazed in a Spicy Orange Sauce

Cassoulet –100$ for a 9×13

White Beans simmered in Duck Confit, Beef Sausage and Lamb Bacon, Finished with Garlic Bread Crumbs

Classic Potato Kugel – $30 (9”x13”)




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