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Eating gourmet kosher in Yosemite back country

kosher food yosemiteThe Epic Bites crew recently took a backpacking trip to Yosemite, it was the chefs first experience in the high country and even though we only made it 15 miles, it was a true back country experience. The sous chef puked his dinner due to altitude sickness at 11,000 feet, we collected wild edibles, and we almost got killed by a bear that came looking for remnants of the homemade veal salami we cooked for dinner. We also saw miles of endless granite peaks, raging rivers, and green meadow vistas straight out of backpacker magazine. All the while wondering about bumping into other Jewish folks vacationing in Yosemite. Continue reading


Kosher Farm to Table

Epic Bites organic gardenIf you ask most people what the Bay Area is known for they will answer Silicon Valley, the gay community, hippies, and world class food and produce. If you ask an Orthodox Jew, they will also include that they had the hardest time finding kosher food in San Francisco. We pride ourselves on the ability to pretty much eat and cook with almost all local produce. Most of the worlds lettuce, tomatoes, and garlic come from Salinas, 80 miles away. The Central Valley, which isn’t much further, is 450 miles long and the richest agricultural region in the world. It’s also safe to say that there are multiple farmers markets going on at any given time, in our neck of the woods they aren’t just on the weekends. Continue reading