Putting our new smoker to good use

smoked mushrooms The most recent addition to our cooking arsenal is this handy little electric smoker we picked up on Amazon. It’s nothing fancy, all it does is smoke to 165 degrees, but it’s super light and it gets the job done.

The first thing we started smoking was onions, the base of pretty much every sauce and dish is onions, so what better way of imparting a smoky flavor than by getting to the root of it. After a few weeks of smoking onions, we had the bright idea of trying out smoked onions in the potato kugel. We can’t go back, it’s completely transformed the potato kugel experience. It tastes like it should have meat in it, but strangely it’s completely vegetarian. We’ve made swift business of selling these smoked potato kugels and they have only brought us rave reviews.

Then came the smoked tomato sauce, and adding smoked onions to our super yummy cornbread encrusted salmon.

What good is a smoker that doesn’t have meat in it, and so the ducks were butchered, the breasts were cured in a proprietary blend and we suddenly had duck bacon. There were duck bacon knishes, duck bacon corn salad, and duck bacon with quinoa and cherries.

Then there were mushrooms, and so on.

Last week we pickled some tongues and made them into tongue pastrami, super epic…and then the charcuterie light-bulb turned on and we wondered whether or not the kosher foodies of the Bay Area were ready for charcuterie platters….


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