Can’t find kosher cheese? Order yourself an epic kosher cheese platter.

kosher cheese platterBesides for exotic kosher meats like venison, elk, or pigeon, you can pretty much get everything you want in the Bay Area, several kosher markets and of course Trader Joes and Costco have almost everything the kosher consumer could want. Yes, frequent trips to LA help to alleviate the pressure of running around to different stores to properly stock your larder, but this doesn’t have any effect on the lack of kosher cheese in the Bay Area.

You can get the run of mill cholov yisroel shredded things here and there, Trader Joes has feta and if you really know where to look you can find fresh mozzarella with an OU. However, if you have a yearning for some brie, aged pecorino, or quality cheddar, your shit out of luck. The only solution is to order online or pray that something of quality has made it into one of the kosher stores on Pico in LA.

For the cheese lover who happens to eat only kosher cheese, it’s always been a rough existence. Hence, the reason we make swift business of cheese platters, until now, it’s always been one of our catered offerings, but last week someone requested one for their personal enjoyment and we’ve decided to make it a permanent fixture on our takeout menu. We have access to amazing kosher cheese, we like making people happy, and we like making cheese platters because inevitably we get to snack on cheese in the kitchen.

For $225 you can get yourself a fully stocked cheese platter that comes with crackers and accompaniments. Accompaniments may or may not include some house dried fruit, homemade jams and chutneys, or maybe some freshly baked flat breads. We get to surprise you, but you will happy to note that each cheese platter is guaranteed to have 10 pounds of cheese.


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