Corporate lunch doesn’t have to be lame

happy boy farms tomatoesI used to hate wraps, I thought they were for health nuts, vegetarians, and anyone else who was afraid of bread and taste. Wraps are notorious for being dry, lame, and pretty much a tasteless alternative to bread. I still remember the first time we made wraps, the chef chided me and said I’d have to learn how to make em’ because “we do a lot of em”. Then I had my first taste and suddenly I loved the wrap, the concept of taking a bunch of ingredients that wouldn’t work in a sandwich because they fall out, somehow worked incredibly as a wrap.

Take our roasted vegetable and pesto wrap. Typically, filled with roasted vegetables such as pepper, squash, eggplant, and onions, smeared pesto, and arugala. Everything that goes into our wraps is seasoned and we make sure to have some sort of sauce. The simple tuna wrap comes alive with an olive tapenade and lemon zest. We even remember the gluten free crowd with our wraps lunch by providing the exact wrap equivalent into gluten free wraps or gluten free bread.

Business lunch doesn’t have to be lame.

We offer a business lunch for $15 per person with a minimum or 40 people. This lunch will not only include our amazing wraps (not just tooting my horn here) and or sandwiches, salad, and desert. I’m not just talking about any desert here, I’m talking blondies with pretzels, cherries, and three kinds of chocolate. Or buttery scones, or double chocolate brownies made from scratch.

One of our most popular sandwiches is fig and goat cheese on sourdough bread, but it doesn’t stop there – remember we are all about beating the lame old sandwich and wrap stereotype – and so in order to do this we drizzle olive oil on the bread, throw some arugala onto the fig and goat cheese and then sprinkle sea salt and drizzle some balsamic or pomegranate reduction on top of this. This is the transformed fig and goat cheese sandwich and it literally boosts the moral or the kosher business lunches around the Bay Area.

One of our newest wraps is the caprese wrap, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, arugala, and pesto. Think of it as a fresh and raw pizza wrap. Throw in a drizzle of fine extra virgin olive oil and you’re set up for a fine meal.

Email us at to order one of our corporate lunches today.


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