Equal oppurtunity gluten free vegans

grilled cheese partyIt isn’t every day that gluten free vegans come up to you and rave about the food at a grilled cheese party, but that’s precisely what happened when we catered the senior prom of one of the Bay Area Jewish high schools. In fact, from my experience with vegans and gluten free folks, they are usually treated like second class citizens. I’m sure they wind up at a lot of events and can over hear the servers discussing which sides and salads can be mixed together to create some sort of plate that may resemble dinner in some way. Rarely do these folks get a fair deal, I would venture to compare it to the kosher guy at a fancy corporate dinner peeling away the lid of his meal mart stuffed cabbage in a tin. It’s not that there are so many gluten free vegans out there, but why not get a loaf of gluten free bread and come up with some sort of grilled cheese that kicks enough ass to the point that the none gluten free folks are pounding it and not even knowing the real status of their roasted vegetable and pesto concoction.


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