How to make corn ravioli

sweet corn ravioliThe number one most frustrating question we get asked regularly: Why does so and so cost so much….the ingredients are so cheap.

While I really wish I could tell you to make it yourself and then go into my usual angry tirade which so many chefs go into. I have decided to avoid a hulk moment and to explain it. In as much detail as possible.

Lets start with our $19 order of take out Corn Ravioli which we featured and sold a lot of on this past weeks shabbos menu (which is going up to $20 by the way).

It starts with the Corn. For this dish in particular we buy local organic corn. Which costs about 3 times what conventional cost. It starts with the mashgiach checking it in (he’s not free, and if you buy really good corn it comes with caterpillars and creepy crawlies that made their way inside the husk to eat all the yummy corn.) We then shuck and clean them. Then we cut the kernels off. Once they are cut off we scrape all the juice and starch off of every single cob by hand, it’s a long process. We then cook this juice for about an hour, constantly stirring, leave it alone for a minute and it starts to burn. We then season it, blend it, cool it down. Then we char the corn niblets, add fresh cut chives, the corn cream we just made and cook that down. Its then cooled. This is just the filling, we haven’t even gotten to the fresh pasta.

While this is happening we are also rolling out fresh pasta dough, which we make with loads of yolks. Ever try rolling pasta?…It takes time, and skill which it took a long time to learn and to teach to my staff (yes you are paying for that to.) Then we assemble ravioli which takes a bit of time. We then cook it, sauce it, garnish it with smoked mushrooms (not those cheap white or brown one’s you get at your local grocery store) then a bunch of other time consuming garnishes.

Go to a local restaurant, this is $24 and it isn’t even an entree. We are packing it for you, delivering it to your door. AND ITS KOSHER.
Any questions?

Next week lets talk 29$ Flat Iron


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