Tomato sorbet

tomato sorbetWhen people think of sorbet or ice cream, they typically think of sweet fruits or creamy substances tomatoes rarely come to mind. Fortunately, some of the tomatoes that I grow in my backyard container garden in San Jose are as sweet as the sweetest summer berries. I have a fairly steady supply of Sun Gold and Sun Sugar tomatoes, both of these varietals are super sweet and low on the acid.

A few weeks ago we did a last minute 10 course tasting in San Jose and we had a whole roster of interesting sorbets and ice creams on hand. That week we had an over supply of dry ice and we pretty much created a bunch of these on the spot. The tomato was my favorite, because I’m a huge fan of super sweet tomatoes and I felt that it could be related to by people who weren’t sure what a 10 course tasting is.

FYI: Epic Bites is known for tasting dinners in which we fully customize a menu that contains only the best ingredients and techniques. This may include things like Toro, 2 month aged rib eye, and homemade charcuterie.

So back to the tomato sorbet. We served it in little cups with avocado mouse and pistachio oil. It was a big hit and has been added to the menu’s of several weddings we have coming up.


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