Everyone deserves to be a foodie

kosher foodieI’ve never met someone who didn’t like food, I’ve met people who claim they sway toward the “eat to live” crowd rather than the “live to eat crowd”, but those people still enjoyed good food. That’s why I hate the term foodie, in my neck of the woods it refers to people who can afford to eat food with a lot adjectives that mean nothing such as craft, sustainable, natural, artisinal, local, homemade, etc…In the frum community, it’s commonly used as insult against some sort of perceived food snobbery. Since when did liking good food become a bad thing?

Just because someone knows what Pursalane or Fennel Pollen is doesn’t make them a food snob. Knowing a lot about something you like shouldn’t be considered snobbery. A food snob is someone who doesn’t eat American Cheese because they consider it below their social class, or someone who makes fun of those who enjoy a little unsophisticated food.

Of course, unsophisticated food doesn’t have to be bad. In my humble opinion, all food can be made great. One of the problems in the catering industry is that people too often differentiate in “low end” or “high end” terms. Just because you’re making lasagna and potato salad, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be the best damned lasagna and potato salad you’ve ever had.

I’m saying this because it’s alarmingly often that we get such high praise for food that is so simple to make amazing, yet somehow falls flat. Extra attention to detail shouldn’t just be reserved for $250 per person tasting dinners, it should be given to every dish one makes. If it’s being touted as “Epic” everything better be Epic, no matter if it’s 2 month dry aged rib eye or chocolate chip cookies. Everyone deserves to be a foodie regardless of their budget.


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