Togarashi Cured Rib Eye

grow and behold rib eyeIt’s common to hear tourists and locals complain about the lack of kosher restaurants in the Bay Area, but one of the joys seldom spoken about being kosher in the Bay is the abundance of interesting ingredients to play around with. It also doesn’t hurt that we get pallets of high end organic kosher meat and cheese shipped from Grown and Behold in New York. Hopefully, we can post at least one recipe a week. I’m also hoping that you can send your own recipes in for us to try new things in the kitchen. For the first recipe we give you two recipes in one, cured meat and the cure itself which works as a falvorfull beef rub or a cure.


Togarashi Cured Ribeye

This recipe works great on a whole roast or as a simple rub on a steak just before grilling, we like Rib Eye, but it’s not necessary.

The brown sugar gives the beef a dark rich flavor from all the “maillard” reactions as the sugar caramelizes, as the togorashi balances it with a nice gentle heat and nuttiness from the nori.

The longer the beef cures the saltier, and tastier it gets, I wouldn’t go more then 3 days as the texture gets a bit gummy as it cures and can be undesirable to many.

And the beef you use matters. We use Grow and Behold Beef for its high quality and the ethical standards with which it is raised.

What you will need:

Beef (Flat Iron, Rib Eye, Rib Steak, Chuck eye,etc…)

Togarashi and brown sugar rub.


To make the Rub,

Combine 1 cup of sugar, 1 tablespoon of smoked Salt (Available from Salt works or on Amazon, just beware that smoked salt needs to be certified kosher) And 2 Tablespoons of Togarashi (You can make your own or find a kosher version.) If you cant find Togarashi, just sub a mix of Cayenne,Smoked Paprika, and a Sheet of crumbled (toasted) Nori.

This will hold for a few weeks at room temperature.


Sprinkle the Rub liberally over all exposed sides of the beef. Let sit wrapped in the fridge for up to 3 days. Turn the meat daily so the cure redistributes.

When ready to cook bring the meat to room temperature ans Wipe off the rub, and sear it off in oil, be careful as the rub burns quickly. You want it dark, but you don’t want it inedible. Once you have a good crust on all sides, throw in a low oven till it’s at the temperature you’d like(it’s good to have a digital meat thermometer on hand). If you are using a grill, move it off the direct heat and let it reach temperature slowly are it will burn.

LET THE BEEF rest in a warm place for 10-30 minutes. If it’s a big roast let it rest for an hour.

Slice, Enjoy.




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