Welcome to Epic Bites

10517970_696784687060218_7178634716315598558_nOne would think that a Bay Area kosher catering company would be on the techie up and up. Sure, we have our seldom used twitter account, our fledgling facebook page, and a very hipster-esque website, but for some reason we never started a blog. We probably wouldn’t have started one, had it not been for the nagging, nudging, and downright criticism from those we were just trying to please.

You see, we recently started a shabbos food delivery (takeout – for all you East Coasters out there) menu to serve the Jewish community around the Bay. As can be expected, several of those fine Jewish mother types asked for a link to the menu to share with their friends, but all we had was an email list. Instead of dealing with complex websites and trying to figure out who will be the weekly updater, I came up with the blog idea. Chef says he’ll even write a couple times a week and so we figured we would take the tech leap of blogging.

Of course it also gives a chance to make shout outs to our purveyors, show off our food, and maybe even spread the Epic Bites gospel to those fine folks googling for kosher food in San Francisco or Napa coming up with nothing.


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